Respecting the environment

As a multi-awarded green building designer and developer, Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC) is a member of the Philippine Green Building Council and the US Green Building Council.
Its previous projects have obtained EDGE Certification, the international certification administered by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) World Bank for excellence in design for greater efficiencies. The Miramonti project will also be certified soon.

Through the exceptional habitats, designed and built by IDC, Architect Romolo V. Nati spearheads his advocacy for passive green design and actively engages the forum and seminar circuit as a speaker and resource person both in the Philippines and abroad.

What is it?

Sustainable development is a process in meeting the needs of human development while sustaining the ability of nature to provide natural resources upon which the society and the entire ecosystem depends.

What's new?

The combination of natural ventilation, solar energy, external louvers, water recycling, rainwater harvesting, and other green features make Miramonti a landmark in sustainable development.

The total amount of CO2 emissions that will be offset by Miramonti is equal to the effect of planting around 20,000 trees.


A natural way to refresh your home

Further studies have determined from which direction the prevalent winds blow. The shape and orientation of the building is then designed to maximise natural ventilation.
This effect is accentuated within the building itself as internal ducts channel airflow to achieve natural cooling. This reduces the frequency of air-conditioning use, and creates savings for each household.


Solar panels
Take your electricity from the sun

Rooftop solar panels generate energy for use in all common areas, contributing clean electricity for lighting, elevators, pool equipment, and other functions. The use of solar power decreases dependence on electricity bought from the grid and creates savings for the community. The total area of solar panels will be around 900 sq.m and it will produce around 120.000 kw/h per year of clean energy.


A natural way to refresh your home

Structured with a planned shading system, Miramonti external louvers minimize solar illumination on the windows and moderate the temperature inside each unit.
The balconies are also designed to shade the windows yet allow enough light to enter the unit.
This reduces electricity consumption during daytime period.

Standard project apartment

Total cooling energy consumption 231 kWh/sqm
Service hot water (electric boiler) 137kWh/sqm
lighting and appliances 28 kWh/sqm


Reference case project apartment

Total cooling energy consumption 167kWh/sqm
Energy saving contribution
Bioclimatic passive cooling strategies 64 kWh/sqm
High efficiency equipment 23kWh/sqm
Photovoltaic panels energy contribution 24kWh/sqm