A safe and profitable investment

Investing in your own condominium unit is a safe and profitable investment whether you buy to live-in, you buy to rent or you buy for corporate housing needs. Green buildings is the best option in a growing need for sustainable living and make properties more valuable and because of both lowered maintenance and energy costs.

High real estate value appreciation up to 10% annually

Over time, your home will appreciate in value as most real assets do. That’s why property is deemed as a safe investment and can be used as collateral for loans.

Rental yields increase up to 7.0% per year

If you decide to rent out your property, it will yield higher returns to property appreciation. Hassle free property management services enable you to generate passive income, and maximize profit.

Planning for the future

Sometimes your pension is not enough. Like any well-thought-out pension plan, investment in a condominium unit will increase your yield and provide additional returns. It can provide you with valuable passive income. Ownership means secure long-term investment plus month-to-month passive rental income.