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A perfect location that opens chances to the community to take up the best of conveniences- living in a suburban provincial near the trading capital, Metro Manila. Situated in a town in Batangas, Miramonti will guarantee its residents a fresh urban setting away from the chaotic environment in the metropolitan. Located in the south of Metro Manila, Sto. Tomas is part of the Philippines’ new gateway of economic growth along the expressways connecting the capital region with Batangas Port. Easily accessible from South Luzon Expressway and adjacent to the Light industry and Science Park III, Miramonti is soon to become the Sto. Tomas landmark and an essential point of reference for the expanding residential and commercial communities of southern Luzon.



A diversified archipelago consisting of 7,107 islands with large islands namely Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, 186 languages, and countless cultures and ethnicities.

Named as among world’s greatest bio diversities, owning countless tourist destinations, the Philippines is clearly blessed with natural wonders.

Recognized as one of the fastest growing economies in Asia, the Philippines is the right destination for your investments.



Considered as the largest island of the country, Luzon sits in the northern end and is home to the national capital of the Philippines, Manila.

With its flourishing economy and industry, the island of Luzon promises best trading opportunities.



A province located in the north island of Luzon, Batangas lets you revisit the old days as it takes you to their cultural heritage sites dating back to the 19th century.
Get ready for these remarkable experiences as the place embarks you on such as these thrilling adventures:

  • Feel the kiss of the sun in its pristine white sand, not to mention its world’s center of marine bio diversities, Verde Island;
  • Trip to its wonderful tourist spots especially to the most picturesque Taal Volcano;
  • Dance to their lively fiestas, and of course have a taste of its own irresistible delicacies.
Projected completion from 2022 to 2024


Sto. Tomas

Sto. Tomas is part of the Philippines’ new beltway of economic growth along the expressways connecting the capital region with Batangas International Port. Found at the doorstep of the Light Industry and Science Park III, Sto. Tomas is one of the area’s growing number of industrial, business, and lifestyle centers. The booming town is surrounded by scenic views and high peaks of famous mountains: Mt. Makiling and Mt. Malepunyo.