The First of its kind in Sto. Tomas: Miramonti Green Residences

Nowadays, we are always confronted by natural and manmade hazards brought about by climate change, nature’s unpredictability and man’s seemingly never-ending propensity to use and abuse nature’s bounty. Though we cannot control the forces of nature we can find a way to live with it and survive.

Albert Einstein once said, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” That’s just what the Founders of Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC) did when they designed and constructed Miramonti Green Residences, IDC believes in using nature as an inspiration to build sustainable and eco-friendly residential units that will contribute to the preservation of the environment while providing affordable shelter for the middle market.

Living in a Green Building is Healthy!

Living in a building with no proper ventilation can make you sick. Families living in a green building are less inclined to experience the effects of “sick building syndrome”, a typical sickness experience marked by respiratory problems and headaches experienced by individuals who live in buildings with poor ventilation. In fact, if you live in a green condominium which enhances passive and green features you can get the chance to breathe in some fresh air and enjoy a well-ventilated surroundings. 

Miramonti Green Residences is  designed just like that. Designed to increase natural ventilation and decrease aircon energy consumption. How is it beneficial to your health? Why is it considered part of your wellness? Well, buildings that offer Natural Ventilation like  is definitely a good pick to live in or to invest as it produces healthier environments since the flow of air prevents a harmful contaminant build up. And because they consume less energy, naturally ventilated buildings can produce less CO2 than comparable mechanically ventilated buildings. 

A natural way to refresh your home

Further studies have determined from which direction the prevalent winds blow. The shape and orientation of the building are then designed to maximize natural ventilation. This effect is accentuated within the building itself as an internal duct channel airflow to achieve natural cooling. This reduces the frequency of air-conditioning use and creates savings for each household.

Take your electricity from the sun

Rooftop solar panels generate energy for use in all common areas, contributing clean electricity for lighting, elevators, pool equipment, and other functions. The use of solar power decreases dependence on electricity bought from the grid and creates savings for the community.