IDC™ Hosted Weekly Batangas Forum

Sto. Tomas, Batangas. Italpinas Development Corporation (IDCTM) hosted the weekly Batangas Forum held at the Light Industry & Science Park 3, Batangas. Italpinas Development Corporation’s Primo Consigliere (Senior Advisor) Dr. Jose P. Leviste Jr. presented the company’s soon to rise project, Miramonti Green Residences, expressing the company’s support to the Batangas Forum initiatives.

Dr. Joey P. Leviste Jr. presenting Miramonti Green Residences to the other members of the Batangas Forum organization

The Batangas Forum gathers distinguished members of the Batangas community united in the noble common purpose of sustaining the province of Batangas in many areas, like agriculture. The revival of Kapeng Barako was their first step, with the help of the Provincial Government and Batangas State University, in inventing a harvester to be used in future coffee production here in Batangas. The event was well attended by Hon. Eric B. Africa, Lipa City Mayor & Hon. Armenius Oba Silva, Sto. Batangas, Vice Mayor.

Inspired by its view (Miramonti in Italian means “look at the mountain”), the Miramonti Green Residences project is yet another example of the brand of design-driven sustainable architecture that Italpinas Development Corporation (IDCTM) brings into the country’s emerging cities. Located in the south of Metro Manila, Sto. Tomas is part of the Philippines’ new beltway of economic growth along the expressways connecting the capital region with Batangas Port making the CALABARZON area one of the most dynamic trade zones in the country.

Miramonti Green Residences, awarded as Best Mixed-use Development 2019-2020 by Asia Pacific-International Property Awards, is developed by publicly listed real estate developer Italpinas Development Corporation (IDCTM), an Italian-Filipino multi-awarded company, focused on sustainable property developments in emerging cities across the Philippines,

Celebrating 10 years of successful activities, being founded in 2009 by Italian Arch. Romolo Nati (Chairman and CEO) and Filipino Atty., Jose D. Leviste III (President), the company continue to commit itself in building sustainable eco-friendly developments through its performance based architectural design solutions and trademark contemporary Italian aesthetic.