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“If your design solves the problem but the result does not look beautiful, then it was not done properly” says IDC CEO Romolo Nati. “If something works perfectly and is done right, it will come out beautifully. He cites nature as an example. Nature does not think in terms of beauty; it concerns itself only of functioning properly, but it ends up being elegant and beautiful because it works.”

Arch. Romolo V. Nati with BS Real Estate Management class of Lyceum of Alabang, discussing the benefits of Green Building concept last November 7, 2019. 

According to Arch. Nati nature provides us with patterns and processes that when examined, can be used as a basis for sustainable design. This is not something that has recently been invented; it is something that has been around for ages, but has been shoved aside.  IDC’s projects are patterned after the brilliant designs found abundantly in nature. These include coral structures, bee hives, and the termite mound which is the basis for Miramonti Green Residences ventilation system.

Nati thoroughly explained on the positive environmental impact of responsibly-sourced and completely renewable materials and resources, and further elaborated on the impact of sustainable green projects wherein the structure does not harm its environment and surrounding areas, nor does it pollute the air or deplete resources.  A product may therefore be green, but not sustainable. The key is to find a design that incorporates the two.

Inspired by its view (Miramonti in Italian means “look at the mountain”), the project is yet another example of the brand of design-driven sustainable architecture that Italpinas Development Corporation (IDC) is bringing into the country’s emerging cities. Located in the south of Metro Manila, Sto. Tomas is part of the Philippines’ new beltway of economic growth along the expressways connecting the capital region with Batangas Port making the CALABARZON area one of the most dynamic trade zones in the country.  

Easily accessible from South Luzon Expressway and adjacent to the Light Industry and Science Park III, Miramonti Green Residences is soon to be a prime landmark in Sto.Tomas City, Batangas. Sto. Tomas is an expanding residential and commercial community located in the scenic Mt. Makiling area in southern Luzon, a fresh urban setting away from the chaotic metropolitan environment.

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Miramonti is the new high-rise, eco-friendly building which will rise in Brgy. San Rafael, Sto. Tomas. Miramonti will soon offer the distinctive ltalian design and world-class construction standards that are a trademark of IDC developments.



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