Benefits of “Living above the Rest”

Location, aesthetics, affordability, and convenience are just some of the things that a home buyer picks on when choosing a home.  But sometimes, we need to go beyond and think more about the future. Living in a green building is good for people’s health and well-being, according to some research the impacts of green buildings to occupants’ health, productivity and immune  system is a good indication that living in a sustainable building is healthy overall. 

Here are 10 benefits why “Living above the Rest” at Miramonti Green Residences each homebuyer needs to think of when choosing a lifetime home …

Living in a Green Building is Healthy

Living in a building with no proper ventilation can make you sick. Families who live in green buildings are less inclined to experience the effects of “sick building syndrome”, a typical sickness experienced marked by respiratory problems and headaches experienced by individuals who live in buildings with poor ventilation.

Energy from the Sun

The shape and orientation of the building enable the air to flow freely and the sunlight to lit parts of the building during the daytime. This way, you get your daily dose of fresh air and vitamin D.

Unique Healthy Living Experience

Sustainable design features such as passive techniques (shadow control, wind cooling, and shape performance to enhance shading and natural ventilation) harmonize the building with its natural environment and thus providing dwellers with a healthier environment.

Saving Energy and Saving Cost

Green buildings are more economical. Yes, you heard us right. Active green features such as better natural ventilation and wind cooling system save you more by using less air conditioning thereby saving on energy consumption cost.

Picturesque Location 

The location is part of the design. The well-designed building takes advantage of its location and enhances its scenic environment. Those large windows are not only for the sunlight, but it is also to appreciate the nice view!

Picture Perfect Home

Design and aesthetics always come together. Imagine watching the sunrise and sunset at the rooftop of your condominium unit, or at your window view. It’s like having a painted canvas that changes day in and day out. A perk that comes only with a well-designed home.

Safety and Accessibility 

For the design inclined, you know that safety is always a design factor. Passive designs take into consideration the geographic and geological aspects of a location to ensure homeowners’ safety.

Investment Features

When you invest in your health, you invest in your future. Sustainable living is a current trend in investment as more and more people are made aware that we need to take into consideration our environment when we choose our dwellings. You won’t go wrong with sustainability in mind. 

With Miramonti, you can live above the rest!