10 Ways to be Eco-friendly this Summer

Oh hello there, Summer! This is the season where most rest at home, watch movies,  and seek for more adventure and fun while staying home. However, no matter how extravagant or economical we want our summer to be, there will always be ways on how to make this season a little more Eco-friendly.

Here is how:

  1. Use natural lighting. Why use unnecessary light in your house or workplace when all you need to do is open your windows or blinds during the day?
  2. Get indoor plants to purify the air you are breathing inside your home. Aside from it will freshen up your home, indoor plants fight indoor pollution which is often worse than most of us realize.
  3. Start your own backyard garden. It’s time to grow some fresh fruits and vegetables. They are organic and they also taste better. 
  4. Eat at home. Get away from processed food and start making more meals at home. It’s cheaper and healthier.
  5. Walk or use your bike. Many people don’t consider this as an option, but think how much you used to walk around when you were younger. Those feet are made for walking. 
  6. But if you need to do any driving, slow down a little. Not only  will it help lessen your fuel consumption, it will also help you enjoy your driving time. When idling, better turn off your car because it saves gas and harmful emissions.
  7. When planning for a staycation, make the simple change in doing all your energy-heavy chores at night. Do your laundry, vacuuming, and drying at night for these cut your energy bill and prevent your home from heating up during daytime.
  8. Drink enough water. Your body needs water to stay healthy and hydrated. Don’t waste it though. Water conservation is a must for all!
  9. When your appliances and gadgets are not in use, better unplug it to save on power consumption and reconnect with your family. Since you’re unplugging, better go out, and explore the world.

There you have it. How is that for a great  summer?

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